Ninja Proxy

This free ninja proxy offers you the opportunity to protect your online privacy while having unrestricted access to Internet. You remain completely anonymous with our simple but SSL enabled ninja unblocker.

We not only shield the true IP address, almost all traceable pieces of data like browser user-agent, referrer and your ISP information are concealed. When you enter a URL in our address bar and press 'Go' our cURL based content grabber would come to action – fetching the requested website. While doing so, it securely encapsulates your personal info. Only the information it reveals are available to the visited website. As a result they would not be able to know you ever visited them. We use 256bit SSL encrypted tunnel to prevent malicious eavesdropping & manipulations.

Apart from protecting the online privacy, this type of content fetchers come handy in places with firewall filtering is in action. Schools and workplaces who block sites like Facebook are prime examples for that. Users can safely unblock blocked content while they remain fully anonymous.

We believe on freedom of expression and wish to keep this proxy service free and open for anybody in need. This no-cost service solely relies on generated ad revenue. Please do not abuse our resources. We maintain activity logs to track such malicious behavior. Please read our privacy policy and terms of usage for more information of what we track.

For Advanced Users:

Note 1: Javascript and Flash can breach the privacy umbrella. If you are paranoid, please make sure you block them with the 'Options' available under address bar.

Note 2: You can select what custom values presented as 'UA:User-agent' and 'Referer' in HTTP Request Headers. Please use the 'HTTP Referers' page to set them. Please note that some websites may vary their content based on your user agent and referrer.

Note 3: Our users have complete control over cookies. Simply use the 'Cookie Manager' page to view and delete third party cookies accumulated from visited sites.

Address:  [Options]

Life of a web proxy like us is not that great because of firewall detection. A wise course of action would be to open a secret channel just for free proxy sites. A smart move would be to join our Yahoo group so that you will be among the first to know when a new proxy sees daylight.

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